WASH Methodology – How Did We Do? Track Online Performance Like a Pro

WASH Methodology – How Did We Do? Track Online Performance Like a Pro

At the end of the day, everything in digital marketing boils down to performance.

Did you get more visits? More clicks? More customers? These are the important questions. The ones that help you know you’re getting a substantial return on your investment.

Quality service for your customers is at the very center of what you want to do. No doubt on many occasions you’ve had the experience of wanting to pry your loyal customers with searching questions like “How are we doing?” “Are you happy with our services?” and “What can we do better?” I’m sure you relate!

You need to be asking those questions about your digital marketing too, which is why we want to take a moment to dial in that question: “How are we doing?”, as the final step of the Spynr WASH Methodology.

More Than Likes and Shares

Newcomers to the digital frontier look at the most easy to find metrics to try and justify their efforts. It’s tempting to look at how many likes, shares, and views your posts get, but is that really an adequate measure of success?

Sort of, but not really.

Likes and shares are good. That means the content your posting is engaging, shareable, and overall moving in the right direction. However, if all you ever get is likes and shares, what are you really getting?

You’re not getting new customers, that’s for sure!

So… How Do I Know How I Did?

The question you need to answer when tracking online performance is simple. The ultimate key to performance is based on one definitive, number crunching question:

How many new leads and customers am I winning?

You’re probably thinking “Well that’s really selfish”, and you’re partially right. But if you’re trying to truly tell how you’re doing online, what other question can so clearly lay bare the return on your investment? There is none!

Besides needing to justify your efforts, there is a secondary (but still vital) question wrapped up in how many new customers getting that revolves more around branding and consistency:

How involved is my community?

Community involvement is where those likes, shares, and comments are important. If everything you post falls flat, change what you post!

The earmarks of a healthy digital presence are new customers and an active community. When both elements are in place and humming, you’ll know your online efforts are working for you.

The Big Hitters

Let’s not get too far ahead of ourselves in the excitement though, there’s more to a healthy digital presence than social media engagement. At the end of the day, everything on your website, social media, and any digital ads you put up need to be analyzed, categorized, and perfected.

Here’s a few of the biggest indicators that we look for here at Spynr to track how our clients

  • Landing page performance
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Conversion rates in your sales funnel
  • Email open rates
  • Customer satisfaction and feedback

Graphical chart analysis.jpeg

And there’s more besides!

The point is, you need to both know what to do and where to look when asking how you did with digital marketing. It’s a marathon that takes a practiced and patient eye.


To cap things off, simply remember this:

Finding the perfect customer with digital marketing is an ever evolving process. It requires practicing and perfecting the basics of digital marketing, and then continuing to find small ways to approach your customers as time goes on.

That’s why it’s so important to ask “How did we do?” with every aspect of online marketing. You never know where making one small improvement can make a difference, so you need to pay attention to everything!