Start with a professionally designed website to find the perfect customer

Start with a professionally designed website to find the perfect customer

We’re absolutely stoked to get to share with you the basics of how you can find your perfect customers. To start things off, you’ll be learning what we like to call the “WASH cycle” – and you guessed it, that’s an acronym.

WASH stands for Website, Audience, Search and Social, and How Did We Do? When you’re done, you’ll understand what each of these means, and have some takeaways to consider for your business. Enough with the previews though, let’s get started!


The very first piece to finding the perfect customer that you must get right is your website.

Why is that? Simply put – your website is the workhorse of your online presence. Everything you do should be designed to get visitors into a carefully designed system called a sales funnel that encourages them to actively engage with you. A proper sales funnel will improve the chance that your website visitors eventually become paying customers

When visitors come to your website for the first time, it should never be by accident!

Casting a wide net is important, but that net is only as good as the site you send them to. Your goal should always be to direct website visitors to very specific areas of your site called landing pages. Once on a landing page, your potential customer is in the perfect place to be given something of value in exchange for one priceless thing: contact info.

If you succeed in getting your visitors contact information, you’re in business! You can now start a conversation with your lead. Follow up quickly on whatever you’ve promised, and then trickle enticing bits of information that builds trust. As the conversation progresses, you can continue to attract your prospect until you close the deal.

Once you’ve created a sales funnel that works well on your professionally designed website, you’ve graduated to the next phase of the WASH cycle – Audience!