A 3-Minute Guide to Optimizing your Laundromat’s Customer Experience 

 A 3-Minute Guide to Optimizing your Laundromat’s Customer Experience 

Posted by Ryan Hilliardon Dec 22. 2020 12:00:00 am

What’s the easiest way to get a happy customer?

Great customer service, of course.

Is it that easy though?

It’s hard to imagine that you’ll get 5 stars reviews and long-term clients by offering an average laundry and dry cleaning service. That’s what anyone can do.

Instead, you need to offer something that makes you unique. You need to do something to make every customer experience remarkable,

And to do that, you’ll need to focus on some of the areas I want to cover in this post. 

Step #1: Keep a Clean Facility

Do you prefer to clean your laundry in a dirty place?

Or do you even prefer to go to a dirty place?

Your answer would be, like most people; No. 

The laundry business is no different.

So this is strategy no 1: Provide a clean facility to your customers. From machines to the dustbins, each and everything should be neatly clean. It’s really hard to get much more basic, but it will pay off I assure you. 

Step #2: Connect with customers

This step is very essential in any business, but it’s becoming even more clear that the laundry business needs connection.

The more satisfied your customer, the more likely they are to come back. It pays to connect with the customers before they came up to you with a complaint, or really before they even need anything from you. That’s why laundromat marketing is so important

And when the issues do arise, always respond with a positive attitude. Address their problem and try to solve it. It will leave a remarkable impression on their mind, and there is a higher chance they’ll visit your business again.

Step #3: Keep Your Team Available

A positive attitude and team availability go hand in hand when it comes to customer service. 

But don’t confuse availability for thinking you always have to man your store! You can be “available 24-hours a week online thanks to chatbots, email, and other marketing tactics.

Whatever your chosen tactic, your team has to be ready to respond to a complaint, or question, or concern. Serve your visitor with a timely, positive message, and you can keep them around longer. 

Step #4: Improve Customer Comfort (and Consider Your Payment Methods)

Providing comfort to the customer is the key feature of winning their trust and getting them to return to your business. Get beyond the basics by offering extra services (and seating) to your customers, and the return will be worth it. 

And if you’re still using traditional payment methods in your laundromat, 2021 may be the time to make a change once and for all.

Upgrading payment methods, including payment through your mobile, laundry cards, and other online methods, will allow your customers to get hassle-free laundry done. It’s just one extra step in keeping them happy, comfortable, and loyal. 

Step #5: Keep Your Equipment Up To Date 

When a customer enters your Laundromat, they expect to get clean clothes in a timely manner. 

So if machines are down, lines are long, or their clothes still have a bit of a… smell – they’re going to go somewhere else. 

Which means you need to focus on maintenance – or even upgrades. Make sure that your equipment is user-friendly with a quick clean cycle so your customer can get in and out. 


Competition is never easy. The laundry industry is a steadily growing and always in-demand service, and the customer experience is more important than ever. 

However, you can be easily standout if you keep things in your focus. By following the things mentioned above, you can easily convert your visitors into customers – and keep them coming back for a long time. 


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