Omnichannel Tactics for Local Laundry Businesses

Omnichannel Tactics for Local Laundry Businesses

It’s no longer enough to have a website and be online. A company will be lost and forgotten if they don’t update with the times and trends. Nearly 31% of business activity in 2020 was online.

Local laundry businesses need to use omnichannel tactics to stay relevant in the present-day consumer’s mind.

Omnichannel tactics are not just another checkbox for a business. These tactics are in-depth integrations that streamline the user experience from online apps to websites to brick-and-mortar retail stores.

What Does Omnichannel Mean?

Omnichannel marketing is when a company uses multiple interfaces to interact with consumers and provide a seamless interaction consistent with its brand and standards.

In other words, omnichannel includes reaching out to potential consumers through multiple apps, websites, emails, and store locations but focuses more on the user experience, meaning that the consumer learns to expect a level of standard consistent with a specific company.

As a laundry business, your app’s tone and level of service should match that in your store and on your website.

So all I have to do is share the same content across various platforms and engage with the public online?

Yes and no. Omnichannel requires public engagement, but you can’t just repost content simultaneously–that would be more similar to multichannel, which is very different.

How Does It Differ From Multichannel?

Multichannel focuses on the content going into each channel rather than the user experience. It certainly has its uses, but multichannel marketing is more about meeting and engaging with your consumers where they’re at and addressing their needs on various platforms.

Omnichannel takes this user experience and attempts to funnel the consumer down the sales line to eventually visit your store and have a business standard to expect.

Three Benefits of Omnichannel Tactics

Adopting omnichannel tactics pays off huge dividends for your business. Consider these benefits when deciding whether to employ omnichannel marketing strategies.

Benefit #1: Streamlined User Experience

One of the benefits of using an omnichannel strategy is that the user experience across all branded platforms is streamlined, meaning that the process of research, intel, and purchasing is smoother and easier for the potential consumer.

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Most people start researching a product or service on social media before going to a website or store. How you present your company online and the services provided can dictate your potential customer’s next steps.

Benefit #2: Increased Sales and Revenue

When you develop a solid omnichannel marketing strategy, you present the public with a cohesive image and brand consistent with your in-store personality and helpfulness. As more people find this accurate, you’ll increase your customer pool.

Benefit #3: Establish Long-Term Relationships with Customers

As customers become more comfortable and familiar with your company’s identity and purpose, they’ll more likely visit your store and give you business. 

Three Tactics for Local Laundry Businesses

Establishing a new omnichannel marketing strategy is a lot of work on the front, but it pays off big time when your customers consistently find you online.

Here are three tactics to employ a successful rebranding campaign to help you produce a consistent online image that sufficiently serves the public.

Tactic #1: Reestablish or Write Your Brand Guidelines

You’ll need to reestablish or write new brand guidelines when you implement a new omnichannel strategy. These guidelines will pilot your effort and keep you on the right path to achieving your goal.

Your brand guidelines should detail the following information:

  • active platforms
  • site map
  • the purpose of each platform
  • how each platform is part of the sales funnel

Tactics #2: Collect Information and Data

As you begin omnichannel implementation, collect information about your visitors and data points of interest.

You’ll want to know how long each visitor stayed, keywords searched, click rate, and the process through the sales funnel.

Tactic #3: Test Your UX Strategies

You must consistently implement new UX strategies as a company and understand that some will fail while others succeed. Paying attention to the data and information can help you, but also look to community engagement.

Online user engagement trends favor video content. If you find more engagement using video content, spend more time creating helpful videos for your potential customers. People who learn to rely on you for information will eventually visit your store out of loyalty.


Omnichannel marketing strategies create a streamlined user experience that your online visitors can trust for helpful and up-to-date information.

Omnichannel tactics increase your sales, customer retention, and establish a healthy long-term relationship with the community.

Laundry business owners can achieve their omnichannel goals by establishing a new brand identity, collecting data points, and testing UX strategies all the time.