Your Laundry’s Marketing Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect

Your Laundry’s Marketing Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect

Perfectionism has crippled millions of people from accomplishing the simplest of tasks.


Unfortunately, the marketing industry is flooded with perfectionists who are all competing with each other for the next viral ad or video.


Although perfectionism can push people to create the best version of a product, it also prevents people from finishing tasks if they don’t believe the best version is possible. 


One of the worst things to do in marketing is not to publish content. Your laundromat’s marketing doesn’t have to be perfect–in fact, it’s actually better if it’s not!


Before we get into why you should embrace errors, or at least be okay with them, let’s establish a common understanding of this topic.


We strongly encourage you to create the best content possible but don’t strive for perfection. Perfection slows down your progress, and you miss opportunities.

Stop Stressing Over “Perfect” Marketing

Imagine spending weeks preparing a marketing campaign responding to a current event that directly relates to your industry only to find it flop. You’re probably frustrated and confused–why didn’t it work?


For starters, you spent weeks working on something that most people have already forgotten about. 


Current events are constantly changing–that’s why they’re current. And although this might be a bunch of semantics, it’s a direct result of people spending too much time on content that no longer impacts their target audience.

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People spend hours everyday on social media and are inundated with information. You don’t have a lot of time available to capture their attention–it’s easier for them to lose their focus on you.


When making your content, you need to make it for the “here and now,” so your community can learn right away.


To help you take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way, use these three tips to make the most of your marketing department.

Tip #1: Done Is Better Than Perfect

Stop stressing over “perfect” marketing. Instead, publish “done” marketing–these are projects you completed in time to have an impact and provide essential information for your target audience.


Consumers can’t read or watch any content you don’t publish, so if you don’t publish content, potential customers will go to your rivals for information and services.

Tip #2: Keep It Simple

You have a ton of great information to share about your laundromat, but don’t put it all in one post.




Most people spend 55 seconds reading an article before moving on to another one. So if you have hundreds and thousands of words, most of your readers won’t get to it all.


So keep it simple. Here’s how:

Keep Each Post to One Topic

This helps you keep your content short and with each post about one topic, you can save your other points for future content.

Recycle Content

Recycling content isn’t reposting old content you previously made, it’s reformatting content that newer customers may not see. 

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For example, if you posted an article two years ago about the kind of detergent you offer in your laundromat, chances are newer customers have no idea about this change. This new consumer base gives you the perfect opportunity to take that content and create a short video about your detergent.

Include Helpful Images

Remember the phrase, “pictures are worth a thousand words?” Well, it’s true. Our brains process images 60,000 times faster than text. You can gain and lose customers with a single image.


Although images are essential, you should be picky about what you use. Every image should have a purpose and support your point. A stand-alone image does more harm than good.

Tip #3: Learn From Your Mistakes

When you consistently post content that isn’t perfect, you get the opportunity to learn what works and resonates with your community.


If you always wait for the perfect content, you don’t get this learning opportunity. The more you post, the more you learn what your community wants from you.


Learning from mistakes is an inevitable part of life, and it helps marketers learn how to improve their craft.


When you post content, share information in different mediums and on different platforms. Analyze the data and see what kind of content works best for your community and which platforms are most successful in reaching your targeted demographic.

Don’t Worry About Perfection Ever Again

When you learn to accept that perfection isn’t possible, it frees your mind and encourages you to share your knowledge and services with the community.


Remember, the best marketing is the content you publish.