Five Marketing Mistakes that Are Losing you Money

Five Marketing Mistakes that Are Losing you Money

No one likes to admit that they could be making some major marketing mistakes.

But, you probably are.

No one’s perfect, right?

We’ve been taking a long, hard look at some of the glaring mistakes we see from even major businesses with established brands, and now it’s time to deliver our findings to you. If you’re doing any of the signs in this post, we hate to say it but…

You’re losing money.

1. You’re all Self-Talk

For a long time, marketing was all about features and benefits. If your product or service had the best bells and whistles, you could close deals by merely showing up.

That’s not the way it works anymore though.

These days your prospects, potential prospects, and even your existing customers are searching for more than features. Instead, they want to know how you can solve their hardest pain points. They want a powerful Customer Experience.

If your marketing comes across as self-centered and “sales-y”, you’re making a big mistake. Take time to rework your messaging with a customer-centric approach.

2. You’re a One-Trick Pony

It’s incredibly easy (and tempting) to “stick with what works” when it comes to marketing. You’ve been offering the same discount and proposal for years, so why change things up?

Staying with single option proposals can be a major issue when it comes time to close the sale though. Think about it – if you don’t take the time to qualify leads and instead use the same proposal for each deal, you’re not going to provide adequate context 99% of the time.

You also limit yourself from landing bigger deals. Your proposal might be “safe,” but you risk underselling your services and failing to provide value! Inserting multiple levels that range from low to high end can open doors with your marketing and sales integration.

3. You Skip the In-Person Element

Don’t get me wrong – we’re huge proponents of all things digital marketing! But many businesses are opting to sell exclusively online or over the phone, which isn’t always best for your business. Most business owners prefer person to person sales when making decisions on big investments, and it’s not easy to follow through on your customer-centric messaging and flexible proposals if you’re just a voice on the phone.

Marketing will always be about relationships. Don’t swing so far in the digital direction that you neglect the in-person touch!

4. Your Value Isn’t Clear

Lack of clear value is one of the marketing mistakes we see all the time, often because people forget that a value offer is a process. You may have nailed value last year, but what are you doing right now to continue that trend?

Take a look at your website for a moment. If you didn’t already know your business, would you know what you’re looking at? Would you be able to spend 60 seconds on your site and then tell me what it is you do?

This exercise is challenging, but you’d be surprised how illuminating it is. If you can’t see value in 60 seconds (or much less, ideally) then site visitors won’t either. Same goes for your Social Media, paid ads, and any other marketing you do.

5. You’re too Eager to Bargain

Low prices might close deals, but if you’re always eager to close and don’t hold firm to your value, you may start to see a dip in the quality of your prospects. More and more people will come looking for a deal instead of appreciating the significance of your product or service. Business to business marketing is much more profitable when you focus on remaining a premium solution in your market.

It’s a simple attitude shift, but you’ll start to see over time that it will attract the leads you want.

No More Marketing Mistakes

We get it – marketing can be a beast. With so much to consider, how can you be sure your marketing is set up to succeed?

That’s why we created our Ultimate Marketing Checklist. It’s a simple, step-by-step guide that walks you through the essential steps of digital marketing. Start minimizing those marketing mistakes. Download it today!