Laundry Marketing Strategy

Turning strangers into customers and promoters for your laundromat business

Get Found Online

Every laundry owner needs one thing online: To Get Seen First. Let Spynr make sure your digital marketing is well-optimized and brings traffic to your site.

  • Website Design (SEO-friendly)
  • Pay-Per-Click Management
  • SEO
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
Win New Customers

Learn how Spynr can help you create relationships with people who find you online and turn them into paying customers

  • Call to Actions
  • Landing Pages
  • Email Workflows
  • Lead Segmentation
Build Loyalty

Engage with your existing customers and build a loyal community around your brand. Spynr can show you how to retain customers

  • Email Nurturing Campaigns
  • Sales Trigger Notifications
  • Social Listening
  • Re-marketing Campaigns


Right now you could be missing out on thousands of people searching for laundry services like yours online. This massive shift in the way people find your laundromat means that your digital presence or ‘online storefront’ needs just as much care and attention as you put into the physical appearance of your laundromat business. But the similarities don’t stop there. We all know that word of mouth brings in new customers. That’s exactly what happens online too – when you have your digital marketing, social media and review site listings set up correctly. A well developed laundry marketing strategy wraps that all up for you.

By now you probably want to see how we make all this happen. Check out our method!


The important thing is this. We all agree that existing customer loyalty is an important factor in maintaining a healthy laundry business, as is attracting new customers. The great news is, by applying some simple digital marketing strategies for your laundromat, you stay connected with customers new and old – easier and more efficiently than ever before. In fact, we have ways of doing this for you that’s hands free and automated. Saving you a heap of time, money and energy. The second important thing is this. Digital marketing is not designed to replace the traditional ways that you ‘sell’ your laundry services and engage with your customers. Digital marketing compliments these existing things by using the many online resources available to you and your competitors. Truth is, it’s becoming a level playing field where the fittest will always win.


  • Customer loyalty is always an important factor in maintaining a healthy laundry business
  • Online marketing is not designed to replace the traditional ways you ‘sell’ laundry services
  • Use online resources to keep on top of your competition


As already mentioned, your customers are changing the way they make decisions, where to buy and share their experiences with others. This online shift means that the tech-savvy laundry business will not only survive – They’ll THRIVE. Think about it… If you offer a great service but no-one knows about it and your customers can’t share their experiences or reviews with their friends/family and other would-be customers – your success isn’t guaranteed.


Because we understand how all this works and have over 10 years – genuine hands-on experience in digital marketing ourselves and the laundry business. We are perfectly positioned to make all this work to your advantage. Our marketing solutions have resulted in $100,000’s in business for our clients. Boosting your sales and maintaining a strong brand awareness, is our main priority.

In a nutshell - SPYNR's Laundry Marketing Services takes care of everything digital to save you the headache.

That’s right, you don’t have to worry about managing and setting up your social media or mobile-ready website to comply with recent search engine changes. We’ve got all that handled. The bottom line is, SPYNR will help your brand engage with existing customers and put your name in front of 1000’s of new customers searching for your services online. Making you super-visible and active within the communities you serve.

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