Dos and Don’ts of Laundry Email Marketing

Dos and Don’ts of Laundry Email Marketing

Email marketing can be one of the most powerful tools in a marketer’s arsenal for bringing back repeat customers. However, it is a channel that can be easily overdone. Here is a quick list on tips for what to do (and what not to do) with email marketing when it comes to your laundry business.


Have a purpose.

Whenever you send an email to your audience, you don’t want to pester them. You do want to make sure you have a goal in mind when you are sending the email. Let them know about the new oversized machines you just added or the promotion you’re running on loads of laundry. 

Consider your target.

As you write your email, keep your target customer in mind. You want to make sure your message is appealing to those you are sending it to. For example, if you mostly serve women age 20 – 50, you won’t want to send them a message about an all-male golf outing fundraiser your laundry business is sponsoring. 

A/B test subject lines.

You will want to see what works best for your audience and what does not work. Subject lines are easy to test and learn from. Once you have tested a few subject lines, you should be able to start to see trends and build future subject lines around those. 


Make your email too long.

Email is one channel where you can lose readers quickly, especially if you do not consider your target or have a purpose for reaching out. Keep your email short and sweet, while still conveying whatever message you needed to. While you might consider adding short tips and tricks for stain removal or folding clothes, you do not want to make your message too long. 

Use Javascript, Flash, or Video in your email body.

Sometimes less is more – and that is certainly true when it comes to the overall design of your emails. Elements rendered by Javascript or Flash are too big to be sent through email and can cause your email to get sent to the spam folder (if it even makes it out of your inbox.) If you want to utilize a video or interactive component, link to a webpage where the content is hosted instead. 

Forget to track.

As with any marketing campaign, you do want to make sure you are paying attention to the overall success of the email campaigns you are sending. As a laundry business, it is very important that you understand exactly how much return on your investment you are seeing from each channel, and tracking is the best way to do that. 

By following these dos and don’ts, you can be sure to have a successful email marketing campaign for your laundry business. If you find that you are not hitting inboxes as often as you’d like, or are challenging with any component of email marketing, consider reaching out to a professional marketing company for help. If email marketing is utilized well, it can be one of the biggest drivers of repeat business that you have.