Want to keep people happy and create loyalty?

Here's a recipe to keep customers engaged while they consider your product or service, then keep them loyal...

Once you pull in that new deal – don’t forget about them. Let Spynr help keep you engaged with your customers and build a loyal base. We can give you the foundation you need to be successful for years to come.

Email Nurturing Campaigns

One sale can lead to another – if you let it. Staying in touch about your customer’s experience, concerns, and asking for referrals can create brand ambassadors that last for a lifetime. Email nurturing campaigns help you stay in touch and keep your finger on the pulse of your online audience.

Sales Trigger Notifications

Leads can fall off the radar pretty quickly sometimes, but that shouldn’t always be the case. Setting up sales trigger notifications can help you stay on top of your engagement with potential customers, and can even provide a great way to strengthen your invitation to a customer to engage with your brand.

There are hundreds of options, as each company has different sales triggers, and Spynr can help you discover the right ones for your marketing efforts.

Social Listening

Social listening lets you follow the conversation around your brand and puts you in the best position to leverage whatever is trending in your favor.

While watching out for mentions and tracking comments is part of social listening, you also need to be aware of the big picture – which is where Spynr can help. We aim to help you stay engaged with your audience and then lead the conversation in a way that helps your brand in the long run. Keeping customers happy.

Re-marketing Campaigns

Re-marketing is all about helping you reach people who have visited your site or used your service in the past. It’s a mixture of targeted advertising and email nurturing that attempts to reengage and revitalize your relationship with them by prompting them to visit your site or use your services. It’s a way to keep your customers coming back to be delighted time and time again.

SMS Marketing

Make it easy for customers to leave a review by sending a request where they’re already looking—their phone!

  • Achieve higher open rates
  • Make it easy for customers to leave a review
  • Send requests to the device customers spend the most time on