How To Develop Original Laundromat Marketing Ideas For Your Business

How To Develop Original Laundromat Marketing Ideas For Your Business

In a digital world full of noisy brands that are all trying to outdo each other, it can be difficult at times to stand out and attract customers. It’s a challenge we all share, no matter what industry we’re in. There’s just a ton of information out there these days!


But that doesn’t mean you get a free pass — you still need to create original content that can attract and win customers. If you’ve been struggling with inspiration lately, here’s a quick guide that can help you get your inspiration back and put some pep into your laundromat marketing ideas:

Focus on Your Uniqueness

Every business has something unique about them — whether it’s their story, a service, their relationship to the community, or something else. This uniqueness is your secret weapon, and you need to make sure you leverage it in a way that helps you build trust with potential customers. 


Uniqueness can go a few different ways though. On one hand, you have what’s called a USP, or unique selling proposition. This is usually geared toward a product or service that does something a competitor can’t. For instance, maybe your laundromat’s machines can clean and dry clothes in one-third the time of your competitor. That’s a USP you can leverage. 


The other aspect of uniqueness in more endemic and long-term to your business. This can be a trait or aspect of your laundromat that, again, other businesses can’t compare to. A good example of this is a business that’s been around for 30, 40, or 50 plus years. Another example might be how and where you give back to your community. 


Whatever your unique aspect is, don’t be afraid to highlight it when you’re looking for laundromat marketing ideas. 

Get on The Cutting Edge

It can be hard to keep up with everything that’s going on technology-wise these days, but putting in the effort can help elevate your laundry business and attract customers away from your competition. 


Some ideas that might help you stay at the cutting edge with your services include:


  • Virtual reality or 360 tours of your locations
  • Mobile payment options
  • Chatbots that help answer customer questions
  • Free wifi and work spaces
  • New, high efficiency machines
  • Eco-friendly detergents and soaps
  • Give-back campaigns


And these are just a few ideas as we head into 2020. As I said, the landscape changes frequently, and keeping up with the tech as it evolves can play to your benefit. If your competitors aren’t doing it, it can help you stand out from the noise for sure. 

Get Outside Help

When the well runs dry, you don’t just keep lowering the bucket in hopes that water magically reappears. You go elsewhere, even if it takes a bit of effort. The metaphor here is pretty clear — if you’re out of marketing ideas, go to a company or service that can help you. That’s what we do here at Spynr, and we love breathing life into marketing campaigns for laundromats that need them!

Talk to Your Advocates

If you’ve been successful in years past, it’s because you have advocates surrounding your business. These are loyal, regular customers who love what you do and are willing to share your business with family, friends, strangers, and anyone else who will listen. They’re the gold standard of what you want a customer to be. 


And that’s why you need to talk to them — they know your service and are intimately familiar with the aspects that draw them in. They can help you identify strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities that you might miss from your perspective. 


Generating laundromat marketing ideas is an ever-present and ever-evolving process, but you shouldn’t be afraid to tackle it head-on. Customers are out there that you can win, and if you want to grow your business, you need to get started. 


Now is as good a time as any to start forming and implementing a marketing plan for your business, but you don’t have to go it alone. The Spynr team is always happy to help, or even just chat about your current marketing efforts. Click below to get in touch today!