How Does Your Digital Marketing Matchup?

How Does Your Digital Marketing Matchup?

Providing quality service to customers is the core of every business owner’s mission. No doubt on many occasions you’ve had the experience of wanting to interrogate every customer you interact with. Questions like “How are we doing?” “Are you happy with our services?” and “What can we do better?” race through your mind at a frightening pace – and that’s a good thing!

Let’s dial those thoughts in. What can you do better?

If you’ve been following along with us up until now, chances are you think your digital presence can be enhanced in some way. You’re probably right, too – because no matter how good you are at what you do, there’s always room for improvement. That’s why we’re closing things out with the final part of the WASH Cycle – “How Did We Do?”

Finding the perfect customer with digital marketing is an ever evolving process. It requires practicing and perfecting the basics of digital marketing, and then continuing to find small ways to approach your customers as time goes on. You’ll find it requires your very careful attention, quite a bit of your time, and a whole lot of patience.

Here’s just a few things that you’ll be considering as you progress:

  • Landing page performance
  • Social Media Engagement
  • Conversion rates in your sales funnel
  • Email open rates
  • Customer satisfaction and feedback

That’s why it’s so important to ask “How did we do?” with every aspect of online marketing. You never know where making one small improvement can make a difference, so you need to pay attention to everything!

Analyze your performance honestly, and then keep finding your perfect customers!