How Bad Web Design Works Against You – Invest In A Professionally Designed Website

How Bad Web Design Works Against You – Invest In A Professionally Designed Website

Getting to the top of the Search Engine rankings is complex. As with many aspects of business, there are dozens of thing you need to consider in order to make sure you’re doing well. A good design is one of the big ticket items you need to get right, or else you’ll never see the organic results that come from a high ranking.

A professionally designed website is instantly noticeable. Unfortunately for many businesses, bad design is just as noticeable, and not in a good way. To help you evaluate the design you’re using, we’ve put together the top 4 ways we have seen businesses fail with their website design. Hopefully none of these apply to you, but if they do, keep in mind that here at Spynr we would love to help you get back to where you need to be.

Reason #1: It isn’t Professional

Every business owner can think of another company whose website they envy. Many of those same business owners wish they could have a website designed to look and feel like a high level company, but never try to achieve a good look for themselves. They end up settling for less and attempt to downplay the importance of a user-friendly and aesthetically appealing website.

A website that looks and feels as though it was made in the 1990’s turns people off. Not only that, but Search Engine algorithms are likely to largely ignore it. You might be using less-than-optimal methods for a good reason, but it’s not good enough when it hurts your brand.

Reason #2: It’s not in Your Budget

If you refuse to pay for design, you shouldn’t expect much in return.

Besides professionalism, it’s easy for customers to tell if you’ve invested in your website. Free website services aren’t bad, but the ease of use for you comes at the cost of raw potential. Many of those sites are perceived as flimsy and cheap by consumers, and actually lack the back-end maneuverability you need to capture new leads. That type of free is almost never good.

As a consumer yourself, you don’t expect cheap products from a high quality establishment. Providing quality can help you reach new customers, and that starts with how you look. Be willing to invest in a design and a designer that fits your business.

Reason #3: You’re not Consistent

When you don’t keep the same look across every online outlet, it’s confusing for your customers. The same sign that hangs above your store should always be the go-to online branding. Likewise, matching a web design with the “vibe” of your brick-and-mortar location is important as well. People associate your brand to the imagery that you use, and if that lacks consistency they won’t stick around.

Reason #4: You Need to Give it Time

Finally, be sure to give your design time to work. As with any part of growing your company, success doesn’t happen overnight. If you’ve recently rebranded or are thinking of rebranding, get some valuable customer feedback whenever you can. Once you’ve settled into a look, your customers will appreciate you all the more, and new leads will be all the more likely to stick around.

Simply put, professional web design works wonders for a business when done well. There may be a price tag, but the quality is worth it. The companies we all admire didn’t halfway do their design, and neither should you. Check out how Spynr can help you with the design and marketing of your business!