Holiday Marketing Campaign Ideas

Holiday Marketing Campaign Ideas

‘Tis the Season for a Holiday Marketing Campaign

A holiday marketing campaign is no different than any other time of year, but it’s arguably more important. Many businesses rely on an excellent 4th quarter to meet goals, fulfill obligations, and set a strong foundation for next year’s performance. The holiday season is part of the yearly rush to wrap up the year on a good note.

Before the hectic holidays begin in force, you need to tune up your approach to ensure you get the most out of this time of year. Check through our extensive list of holiday marketing campaign tips to get a head start for this season.


Everyone has a story. Most companies put their story in the “About Us” section and leave it at that – but have you ever really considered the power that your brand’s story has? You know where you’ve come from and what you’ve accomplished, but do your customers? Share your “why” this holiday season as a way to connect powerfully with your audience. Good storytelling not only feels good, but it also helps separate you from the crowd for the rest of the year.

Stay Strong on Social

Social Media is a year-round endeavor. Don’t back down because it’s the holidays! Use Social to promote sales, start conversations about holiday plans, and maybe even show off your holiday spirit. Engage with sincerity and purpose.

Plan Promotions

Knowing when you plan on running your holiday promotions lets you plan how you want to communicate value to your customers. The sooner you have those ideas on paper, the sooner you can let your loyal customers know – so they can plan ahead if they need to.

Consider Advertising

Well timed, targeted ads can help put you in front of the right audience. Consider optimizing your approach even further with some extra seasonal value. Standing out from the crowd with your advertising is a surefire way to increase the odds new customers will find you.

Reward Loyalty

Few things are better than a repeat customer. What better time of year to show them just what they mean to you? Providing special discounts or early access to a sale are effective ways to communicate your appreciation, and all that travel really can make the laundry pile up.

Email as a Tool

If you aren’t utilizing email campaigns to reach your audience, you’re missing out on some enormous potential for your business. Relationship building is a process, and most of the time the sales funnel on your website just doesn’t cut it. Consider talking to us about an email platform for your business.

Spread Cheer

Getting into the holiday season can sometimes be difficult with a broad audience. That’s where good storytelling comes in, which is always something to consider with your brand. Share what you’re doing as a business to celebrate the holidays, and don’t be afraid to make an impact on your customers with your story.

Segment your Audience

Segmented campaigns are targeted messages for smaller sections of your prospect pool based on demographics like gender, age, or how often they use your service. The holidays are an optimal time for that last demographic – the regulars, but opportunity abounds for everyone on your email list. If you’ve never looked into segmenting your audiences, we’re here to show you how lucrative the results of a targeted campaign can be.


Not all customers stick around forever, but it shouldn’t be for lack of you trying to win them over. If you haven’t heard from someone in a while, consider creating a re-engagement series to try to win them back.

Make a Recommendation

No one knows your business like you do, which puts you in the best position to let your prospects and customers know what your top products and services are. Why not share that info in your holiday marketing campaign? Take a look at what your best sellers for the year are and let people know. There are even ways for you to create targeted recommendations based on what specific customer demographics are buying. Powerful, right?

Decorate a Bit

If you’ve ever seen the websites and social pages that get festive for the holidays and wonder if you could do that for your business – the answer is yes. It’s always a good idea to do a seasonal refresh of your online platforms, just like you do for a brick and mortar store. Holiday decorations can range from extremely simple to frighteningly complex, and we’d love to help you plan and execute some holiday cheer this year.

Stay Consistent

While it’s tempting to change your tone for the seasons, the best practice is to have consistent guidelines for the voice of your business. Consider how you talk to people during the year and make sure you don’t deviate from that. Use holiday messaging, but make sure it’s consistent, transparent, and on-brand.

Rinse, Wash, and Repeat

The holidays come once a year, but you shouldn’t have to reinvent your holiday marketing campaign every year. Take notes on what works and doesn’t work for this season, and start thinking ahead for next year. Consider the storytelling, campaigns, promos, and everything else you do to see how it performs. Next year’s holidays will be here before you know it, and there’s always a new way for your brand to shine.