Essential Information Your Laundromat Can Share Online

Essential Information Your Laundromat Can Share Online

In 2021, 81% of consumers went to Google to learn more about a local business before becoming a patron.

What kind of information are these people looking for?

Than answer varies from business to business, but there are a few general pieces of information that all businesses can benefit from sharing.

For laundromats, you need to think about what your current and potential customers need to know to keep them returning to your store. 

Let’s explore a few ideas that you should ensure are accessible on your website to answer basic questions a customer might have. This isn’t an exhaustive list by any means, but hopefully it helps you get the ball rolling!

1. Contact Info, Location(s), and Payment Options

Some of the most essential information you can share is that of your store–including your phone number, website, address(es), and various payment options.


One of the best ways to share this information with your community is to build a Google Business Profile. When you build this profile and people search your business online, you immediately show up in the search results.


Most laundromats operate on a coin system. However, if you offer a pay-by-card option or provide ATMs/coin machines for quick service and access to change, you want to share this information with the public.


When a prospective customer can easily find this information, they will visit your store more often than not.

2. Your Business’s Story

When you learn the history of a business, you gain knowledge and a deeper level of understanding and connection. You grow in appreciation for the company as you understand the business’s challenges in its younger days.


Sharing your story online is an excellent way to connect with your community. When potential customers read your story, they form an emotional connection that encourages them to visit your store.

3. Candid Pictures and Helpful Videos 

One of the best ways to share information with customers is through photos and videos. While professional photographs and videography are great for promotional content and rebranding, candid images and videos give your business an authentic look and perspective.


60% of customers are more likely to visit and use your service when using images and videos on your website and social media.




Putting a face to a name is one of the best ways to establish familiarity, credibility, and trust.


When looking for pictures and videos, don’t settle for the first thing on your camera roll. Although you want candid images, they must be well-lit and clear.


Images and videos are great ways to involve the nearby neighborhoods and make people feel a part of your business.

4. Testimonials and Reviews

What do you do when you read a negative review about your business?


There are many ways to react, but anger or dismissal are two of the worst reactions. Never lash out at customers online because it looks terrible on the business, even if you’re in the right. Also, don’t ignore customer complaints. 


The average company ignores 79% of customers who complain online. Ignoring them will only worsen the problem if they’re already upset about something.



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To combat these negative comments, share positive reviews from several outlets on your website. When you have a collection of positive reviews from several locations, it tells a reader that most customers have positive experiences at your laundromat.

5. Share Your Values 

Customers want to know about you before buying a service or good.


Although not every consumer uses your values to determine whether or not they will use your laundromat, some people find it essential. 62% of consumers support companies that share similar ethical practices and beliefs.


For example, do you only use plant-based detergents or other eco-friendly detergents? If so, share this information.


Why? ⅔ of all customers will switch to a transparent business that shares their operations. Simply sharing your eco-friendly detergents with the community can increase your business.

What Can You Share Today?

As consumerism changes over time, so should your business practices.


When you share information about your business, you open your doors to more than the next family who needs to wash clothes. You’re opening to a lifelong customer who values your store.


If you’re ready to take the next step in your business practice, what can you share today with your community that will keep people coming to you?