Does Email Marketing Still Work in 2021? (Yes! And Here’s Why)

Does Email Marketing Still Work in 2021? (Yes! And Here’s Why)


Email marketing is a tried and true marketing tactic these days. And everyone’s doing it.


According to a one survey, more than 281 billion emails were sent and received every day in 2018.


This figure is expected to reach 4.48 billion daily emails by the end of 2024.


Not small numbers by any means. 


But the question is, will email still work in 2021? 


In short — yes.


But — will old email marketing strategies work today? Probably not. 


Because what worked years ago has probably led to even better tactics. Email marketing strategies have changed over the years.


What remains true is that email marketing is one of the most efficient and cost-effective methods of lead generation. 


So in this post, I’ll be giving you a list of reasons why email marketing works in 2021. If you are interested, then keep on reading.

Usage Is Still Increasing 

In today’s world, email is an integral part of daily online life. Most people (including myself) like to check their mailbox even before out of bed. 


And as mentioned earlier, more than billions of emails are sent and received per day. And the forecast is optimistic. 

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Most leading brands use an email marketing strategy to stay on top. They put great effort into their email marketing campaign to win customers and boost their brand recognition. 


So the bottom line for this year? 


No matter what kind of business you are running or planning to start, an email marketing strategy should be your priority. 

Content Distribution Is More Important Than Ever

Email marketing allows your voice to be out there. 


Everyone is trying to scale their business and win new customers. Your competitors are sending coupons and doing many of the tactics you use — so how do you stand out?


Valuable content. 


And valuable content + email marketing is especially the goal. When paired together, this strategy is not only useful in generating sales — but it may also contribute to future opportunities presenting themselves. 


And to get even better results from email marketing, remember to segment your audiences. Set your target audience, which includes age, gender, and ethnicity. The more specific your message can be, the better your campaigns will perform. 

Lead Generation Needs a Workhorse

Email marketing is the best way to get leads for your business.


Nowadays, customers want to know what you have to give them. It’s one thing to give coupons in an occasional mailer, and another entirely to send highly personalized emails with offers that go directly to established customers. Email lets you have the latter. 


But you have to set it up properly as part of a sales process — also called a “funnel”. 

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As you can see, email helps at every stage in this funnel. When you’re building awareness, you’re simply reaching out with an offer — or info about your business.


And when they’re ready to buy, a well-timed offer or coupon can get them in the door that much faster. 


Email is the workhorse that makes all this happen though. There really isn’t a substitute that can do it all. 



Overall, email marketing is still at the top to generate sales. 


With the increase in internet users’ demand in upcoming years, the email marketing strategy may vary. Still, this method works —  and will become more valuable in the future.


Let us know if you have generated any sales from the email marketing strategy — or if you’d like to get started this year.