Hi, I'm Lauren

Awareness Stage

She’s new to town and just moved into the apartment complex across the street from your business. You may think the sign out front tells her everything she needs to know about you, but she decides to check you out online first. She searches your business, goes to your social media profiles and reads a few of your blog posts to see what you’re all about. Can’t be too careful, right? .

How to attract new leads:
  • Social Media
  • Paid Ads
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Blogging
Laundromat Marketing Customer Walking

Things just got interesting.

Decision Stage

It’s crunch time. Two clicks later, Lauren could be saying to herself: “What a website! Such a great brand… this has to be the best business around. Plus they have sweet offers!” Now you’ve got her thinking, and it’s all because you put your best foot forward.

Turn Visitors into Leads:
  • Landing Pages
  • Call-to-actions
  • Sales Funnel Setup
Laundromat Website and Digital Marketing cartoon

Let’s Make a Deal!


She’s sold. Lauren is through the door and she’s a customer. Your top-notch marketing and friendly customer service have won her over as a repeat customer. Good job!

  • Email Workflow
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
Customer dropping off her laundry at a laundromat

Hey, did you hear about…?


Not only does Lauren give you her business, but she subscribes to all of your emails and promotions as well. When Lauren’s friends and family need a service like yours, guess who’s there to sell your business? That’s right, your new favorite customer. Now, just imagine all the Laurens you might be missing out on…

Nurture your customers:
  • Surverys
  • Promotions
  • Social Tracking
Laundry Customer telling friends how she found the laundromat using digital marketing

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