The Art of the Digital Offer (and how it gets you more sales!)

The Art of the Digital Offer (and how it gets you more sales!)

Three easy steps to deliver an enticing and powerful digital offer to your online audience.

For better or worse, the digital world has changed the way you go about bringing new faces through your door. Being good at what you do and having an approachable brand are awesome places to start, but one of the best ways to get new business is by leading with a digital offer.

Crafting an irresistible offer takes some careful thought though, which is why we wanted to help lay down some guidelines for you. Take a close look at our three steps for crafting a digital offer, and then start winning more customers!

Step 1: Create or Offer Something of Value

The biggest pitfall of many digital offers is that they don’t actually offer something that’s enticing. Instead of a true value (higher percentage off, something for free, or an exclusive piece of content), they offer something safe that seems like it should be valuable.

Visitors to your websites see through lame offers. You may think what you’re doing is generous, but try to remember that you always have to bring it back to what your customers are thinking and feeling. Create a truly unique piece of content, or offer a significant incentive for a visitor to make a purchase right then and there. Don’t settle for sub-par, because you won’t get away with it.

Step 2: Clearly Communicate the Value

This tip is a double whammy because it gets at two important aspects: The overall layout of your landing page, and how the copy on that landing page performs toward your goals.

First of all, if you don’t have any landing pages, start here.

Take a step back from your preferences for a second and consider some harder facts. Is it difficult to tell what’s being offered on your landing pages? Are there a lot of outbound links? Confusing or incoherent imagery? If so, you’re not clearly communicating anything.

Now, look at the copy. Can someone with no knowledge of your products or services read that copy and be compelled to learn more? If not, then that copy isn’t communicating value.

Jump these two hurdles and you’re on your way to a truly powerful digital offer that will bring in tons of new business.

Step 3: Deliver a Succinct Call to Action

At the end of it all, do your visitors have a clear path forward? It’s one thing to wrap up a landing page with a general concluding statement of your worth, but if newcomers aren’t immediately given an action to take (like a subscribe now, or that awesome content you cooked up) then they won’t do anything. You may get one or two who look for a path forward, but you’ll lose way more than you get.


Bonus Tip: Don’t neglect SEO

Search Engine Optimization permeates everything you do with digital marketing, and your landing page is no different. Set proper meta descriptions, tags, and optimize your content so that Google and other Search Engines can find you easily. You’ll see much more organic traffic if you do.

At the end of the day, a digital offer can mean the difference between someone becoming a customer, or remaining just another visitor. Take some time to craft an enticing offer, communicate the value clearly, and don’t leave them hanging around without an action to take.