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Should Laundry Businesses Use a CRM?

How do you manage and track hundreds and thousands of conversations and standard contact forms for your business? You fall drastically behind mainstream businesses if you’re using a spreadsheet for more than a few dozen […]

Can Laundry Businesses Use the Metaverse?

Fortnite, by Epic Games, has raised over $1 billion from investors for Metaverse real estate to establish a dominant presence in the gaming sector of virtual play. The gaming industry paves the road for many […]

3 Trends in 2022 for Laundromats to Consider

Your customers are humans, not robots. Although that thought is a little silly to say and think, when you analyze your marketing strategy, ask yourself: are you catering to humans or robots?   Over the […]

Your Laundry’s Marketing Doesn’t Have to Be Perfect

Perfectionism has crippled millions of people from accomplishing the simplest of tasks.   Unfortunately, the marketing industry is flooded with perfectionists who are all competing with each other for the next viral ad or video. […]