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SPYNR is an online marketing services company with a Proven Process to guide you towards your business’ goals.


When SPYNR was created, it was to help businesses see the importance of modernizing their marketing. As we see it, businesses can either stick with their tired old ways of not investing in digital marketing, or they can embrace change and get better results.

Our services help companies in multiple industries thrive online. Your goals can be met through Spynr because we take into account the entire online marketing cycle. Spynr doesn’t just focus on small objectives and win small battles, we make the big picture work for you.

From our roots in digital marketing, SPYNR has embraced a proven inbound marketing processto make all of our clients into better versions of themselves. It’s all in the name…we start with a solid (S) sales funnel,(P) promote it to turn people who visit your website into (Y) your customers. It’s not over. From there, we (N) nurture the relationships with your customers, (R) review the efforts and rinse what’s not working and repeat what is.

As a result, better ROI for your business.

“Through technology and communication the world of business is rapidly changing and no-one is exempt . At Spynr, our role is to educate and help our clients adapt to a new way of marketing themselves. We do this by taking care of all the heavy lifting and keeping in touch with the latest innovations and marketing strategies – so they can concentrate on what they do best – It’s what we call TEAMWORK”

Dennis Diaz President

With a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts – Marketing/Advertising from the New York Institute of Technology and over 10 years of hands-on digital marketing experience, Dennis understands the real needs of his clients and recognizes the most effective marketing efforts for digital marketing. As owner and founder of Spynr Inc. Dennis is proud of his team’s ability to provide cutting edge graphic design, content marketing, customer engagement, and community building strategies. All of the essential elements in building a marketing plan are under one banner, and ready to help your business.

Having worked in industries such as financing, entertainment, hospitality, training and development, food services, public relations, and advertising – Dennis understands the importance of matching his results-focused solutions to meet the expectations of his clients.

If you are looking for a conscientious team of individuals who pride themselves on knowing your business and have the skills to translate that into a solid return on investment – talk to Spynr Inc. With a no-nonsense, no jargon approach, Spynr Inc. is made up of great people to deal with who are passionate about what they do. Experience that for yourself by contacting Dennis and his team today for a chat.

Our Team

Trey Bowden ---Project Manager---

Trey specializes in delivering client success at SPYNR as Project Manager. With a 20+ year career in Information Technology, he has the ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously while focusing on exceeding client expectations.

Katrina --Graphic Designer--

Katrina is a graphic designer at Spynr who creates everything from prints to digital media. She makes sure that the company and its clients look good in both traditional designs as well those using cutting-edge designs we all need online!

Myka --Client Success Specialist--

Myka, a client success specialist at Spynr can be found working on various projects such as social media posts and email marketing campaigns. Not only that but she also takes care of day-to-day implementation for our company!

Christian ---Lead Website Developer---

Christian is the one behind delivering client websites at SPYNR. With a 5-year career in Website Development and Agile Project Management, he has the ability to manage multiple websites and client requests.

Michael Peggs --- SEO Strategist ---

Michael Peggs specializes in SEO and Content Marketing. Before, Peggs worked at Google in business development, forming digital media and advertising partnerships. He is also a blogger and podcaster.

Ryan Reed --- PPC Specialist ---

Ryan Reed has 10+ years focused on paid media and at SPYNR, he and his team manage in excess of $1M per month in pay-per-click advertising and help clients optimize their campaigns for the best conversion rates.

Ryan Hilliard --- Content Developer ---

Ryan has been the content developer and business relationship manager for SPYNR since 2015. He’s written for a global audience and driven engagement for a variety of organizations.

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