9 Marketing Resources to Elevate Your Laundromat’s Brand This Year

9 Marketing Resources to Elevate Your Laundromat’s Brand This Year

How much do you know – personally – about digital marketing?

With how busy you are running your laundry business, the answer may just be “not much” – and that’s okay. You don’t need to be an expert.

But just because you’re not an expert doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try to learn more about this essential aspect of growing your laundry’s brand. Everyone can do digital marketing, and if you’re not already onboard, there are plenty of resources that can help point you in the right direction.

This post has one objective: I want to provide a wide variety of blogs and guides that can help you learn more about digital marketing and how to do it. We’ll look at nine places you can turn to when you need answers – although this list is far from comprehensive. Let’s get to it!

1. HubSpot’s Blog

When you mention digital marketing, HubSpot has to come up eventually. They’re one of the undisputed leaders of inbound and content marketing education – and most would go so far as to say they pushed these disciplines into the mainstream.

So if you want to learn from some of the finest marketers around, check out the HubSpot blog linked above. They update daily, and are constantly helping businesses understand what’s next in digital marketing.

2. WordStream

Wordstream is one of the biggest names in Paid Advertising for digital marketers – and for good reason. Their platform is built on a mind-boggling amount of data, and they use that data to inform their content marketing.

The result is one of the most comprehensive and authoritative sources for paid advertising anywhere on the web. If you’re interested in learning how to create and optimize paid campaigns, the WordStream blog is a good place to start. Of course, they also cover other types of digital marketing as well, making this blog a great one-stop-shop for your education.

3. Content Marketing Institute

If you want to learn more about good digital content and how to create it, you need to check out the Content Marketing Institute .

It’s considered one of the top organizations dedicated to helping businesses add value through high-quality content marketing. They even have a podcast if you don’t feel you have time to read through all the content they publish.

4. Search Engine Journal

SEO is an ever-changing discipline within digital marketing as a whole, but it’s incredibly important for businesses that need organic web traffic to compete and grow.

Enter the Search Engine Journal , one of the best resources on the web to learn about SEO and stay updated with what Google has been changing. They combine a steady stream of newsworthy updates with a highly curated selection of articles from the industry’s top experts.

Simply put, it’s one of the best places to keep your pulse on SEO and digital marketing. Give it a look!

5. Moz SEO

Another resource for those curious about SEO and digital marketing is the Moz blog . Started by Rand Fishkin, this resource is among the most comprehensive places on the web for those who want to improve their online brand.

If you’re looking for a place to help fill in the gaps of your digital marketing knowledge, Moz is a great place to look for regular, helpful content.

6. Social Media Examiner

Social media isn’t going away, and now’s a great time to start building your brand through tools like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

But if you need a little help getting started, I highly recommend checking out Social Media Examiner. They’re widely known as a great source for staying up to date on the social sphere, while also helping businesses with insightful tutorials and helpful guides. There’s not much more you can say – check them out!

7. Ars Technica

Digital marketing isn’t all just social media and SEO. It’s also tied to the tech we use on a regular basis – and the cutting edge of that world is constantly shaping how businesses work.

That’s why a source like Ars Technica is great for business owners. This particular site is constantly on the pulse of new technologies, and while some of the articles published won’t always be helpful to you, there’s still quite a bit to be gained. At the very least, perusing their site on a weekly basis will help you keep up with a landscape that’s constantly changing – and that’s good for your business.

8. Facebook Laundry Owners Forum Group

Let’s get industry-specific here. There are a ton of places you can go to learn more about the day-to-day operations of a laundry business, and there’s no way I could name them all.

But I’ll name at least one that I like (and that helped me more than I can say) – Laundry Owners Forum

If you’re relatively new to the industry, or just have a quick question that you can’t get an answer to through Google, I’m willing to bet you can find someone on this group that can give you an answer. Between their helpful resources for owners and investors, you can learn how to grow your business from a variety of angles and perspectives with proven results.

9. The Spynr Blog

You didn’t think we’d forget ourselves, did you?

Laundry marketing takes a good deal of industry knowledge and marketing expertise to do correctly – and we have both. If you want to learn how to grow your laundry business from a team that cares about you, we invite you to stay tuned to this channel, because we have a lot of great content planned for the months ahead.


Don’t just rely on your customers to find you. Go find them.

Digital marketing is constantly changing, which is why it pays to keep up. And if you rely on the resources listed above, you’ll be one step ahead of your competition.

The more you know, the better you can grow your laundry business’ brand and win new customers. They’re out there – now go find them!