5 Show Stopping Reasons Your Laundry Marketing Plan Needs Saving

5 Show Stopping Reasons Your Laundry Marketing Plan Needs Saving

Imagine a world where Superman decided to never save anyone.

Instead of popping into a glass telephone booth to remove his glasses and shirt, he simply walked on by when the bank was being robbed or a damsel was in distress.

Pretty sad to think about, right? All that superhuman goodness would go to waste! The bad guys win, and no one ever wonders about secret identities or whether it’s a bird or a plane in the sky.

Thankfully we all know that would never be the case. In the world of fictional superheroes, Superman is a fixture that’s here to stay. However, there’s some real world saving that does need to happen, and it has to do with your business.

Specifically, it has to do with your marketing.

Marketing has recieved a bad name in many businesses, but it’s only because they aren’t doing it well. Well done marketing is the opposite of a drain. It’s a life giving force.

It’s the hero your business needs.

Your marketing needs saving if any of these five points describe you, so hang on to your hats Metropolis!


1. You’re not getting any new customers.

As I laid out in this post, there are really two driving questions everyone needs to ask when analyzing their online performance:

How many new leads and customers am I getting?


How active is my community?

If you can’t get business leads and customers from your digital efforts, you really should rethink your strategy. You could simply be missing your target audience, or perhaps posting the wrong type of content. Whatever the case, be critical of your actions and results and then act accordingly.


2. You hardly post.

Because who has time to post these days? You’re busy! You have a business (or multiple businesses) to run, employees to manage, and your own life to live besides that.

Social Media and Digital Marketing are the furthest things from your mind most days, which means they’re suffering. If the last time you posted was 3 years ago, or if you’ve never even created an account at all, let’s rethink your laundry marketing plan altogether.


3. Everything you do post is different.

The last three posts on your page are a picture of your niece, a Google image of a clean shirt, and a meme you made on one of those meme generator sites.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Consistency, that’s what! You should make sure that everything you do screams your brand image to your friends and followers. Anything else detracts from who you are and what you do.

Creating a strategy and a uniform image for your brand can help guide your online efforts to success. If you haven’t considered the way you look and feel to your potential customers, now is the time!


4. Your last “Fast Results” marketer screwed you over.

Sadly, we’ve seen this before. Far too often a “marketer” will come along and promise you the moon (in 90 days or less!), then take your money and run. 

Let’s get something straight.

That is NOT marketing.

There is no silver bullet, magic wand, or secret formula for instant results with laundry marketing. Or any marketing for that matter. The only tried and true methods take time, patience, and consistency.

If you’ve fallen prey to a hit-and-run marketing scheme, then your online presence probably resembles a war zone. Bot accounts, automated comments, and completely irrelevant content to your business litter your Social Media and website pages. Do yourself a favor and fix it!


5. You just don’t know what to do.

There’s never any shame in admitting that you simply don’t know what to do when you’re a newcomer.

For example, I know next to nothing about fixing cars. I’ve tried, failed, and have decided to leave the mechanical sorcery to the men and women who have a mind for such things. My car (and wife) thank me for this.

The same type of mentality should and does apply for some people when it comes to digital marketing. The online world is a vast frontier with many paths to success, many of which can be overwhelming. If you don’t know how to engage an audience online, then consulting a professional and getting help before you do something wrong is the easiest path for everyone.


Wherever your business is at, it always pays to audit yourself and be honest about how your online efforts are doing. If anything in this article even remotely describes you, keep in mind that your friends at Spynr are always here to help!