4 Ways to Grow Your Laundry Business’s Email List Exponentially

4 Ways to Grow Your Laundry Business’s Email List Exponentially

For the past decade, people have slowly begun to wonder about when email marketing is going to die.


Despite those ponderings (and sometimes even predictions!), email marketing continues to grow to this day. 


So, what can laundry businesses like yours do about that fact?


Email marketing is one of the most competitive and effective channels to grow your business, and growing your email list is one of the best ways you can find new customers — or retain old ones. 


That means it’s an important tool to help you stay in the race in our ultra-competitive digital world. 


With all this in mind, we’ve collected four quick tips that will help you grow your email list exponentially — read on to learn more!

Tip #1: Attract Users With a Magnet

You might be conjuring ideas of Breaking Bad-esque magnet capers when you hear “attract users with a magnet”, but unfortunately it’s not quite that cool. 


What this means is simple: You can offer potential subscribers something valuable in exchange for their contact information. 


The idea here is to leverage your marketing materials in a way that helps you gain new contacts. So if someone reads your blog post, paid ad, or a search engine link, you can find out who they are and entice them toward your business. 

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Providing a magnet doesn’t mean offering them cash, a gift card, or something you’d rather not part with — instead, you should offer them something that helps educate them. Or, better yet, offer something like a discount or promotion. 


A lot of eCommerce brands promise a discount on a purchase or free shipping in exchange for an email address — which is a great example. As a local service provider, you might instead offer a guide, an eBook, or an email course with laundry tips.


The point is you need to offer something of value in exchange for something of value. It doesn’t need to be a huge eBook to be valuable. Actually – shorter resources can be more likely to be used AND more likely to help convert! 

Tip #2: Don’t Shy Away From CTAs

On every page of your site and every blog post you publish, you need to have a call-to-action. 


And your call-to-action should lead users to giving up their email address. That’s the hook part of having a lead magnet as bait. 


When writing calls-to-action, remember that they need to be commanding. You want your audience to feel compelled to do whatever you are telling them to do. 

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A link over the text “Do you want more resources like this?” is not a call-to-action. It isn’t clear exactly what will happen if you click that link (will you sign up for an email list? Will it direct you to a page with more resources?) and it doesn’t tell you what to do. 


Instead, make your call-to-action short, snappy, and a command. “Download this Report” or “Learn More Here.” 


Also – buttons are shown to convert at much higher rates than links, so incorporate buttons as often as possible. 

Tip #3: Optimize Your Opt-Ins

Giving your audience as many opportunities to subscribe to your content as possible is only part of the battle. You’ll also need to experiment with different call-to-action placements, as well as various opt-in forms. 


Many popular blogs include an option to give your email and “stay updated” right at the top of the blog. A placement like that could work for your business — but you won’t know until you try it and test it. 


This type of optimization is done in a number of ways, but the method you’ll typically see recommended is called A/B Testing — and if you’ve ever run an experiment, you’ve probably already got a good idea of how this goes. 


Start with what you have now as a “control” page, then make just one change, and serve the two pages concurrently to your web traffic. Whichever option converts better is the one you want to go with. 

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At least, that’s the basic principle. 


The catch here is that this kind of testing takes work — and the right tools at your disposal. I’ve recommended VWO before, but they’re one of many options available on the web. Find the one that works for you, and start making changes like this:

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The key is to test different strategies and determine what is most effective for your brand. Given time, you’ll see incremental increases in engagement on your websites and start to see the numbers in your email list grow. 

Tip #4: Revive The Leads You Have

No matter how great your content is, eventually, you will start to have dead leads. For laundry businesses, this can be for a variety of reasons. Perhaps someone moved away — but they could also be going to your competition!


Reviving leads in this scenario doesn’t refer to unsubscribes, which are also a reality in email marketing. I’m talking about reaching the people who are still on your list, but just stop opening your emails, stop clicking, and stop caring.


How do you reach those people?


Well, part of that process is understanding why they left. 


And lucky you, some data-savvy marketers have crunched the numbers and found out why people leave. 


The secret? 


Well, there were plenty, but the typical reasons people leave are:


  • You were too pushy
  • You didn’t listen to your customer’s needs
  • You didn’t actually help
  • You didn’t provide value

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Stings, right?


But there are strategies you can use to bring them back to life. 


One of the most effective strategies is to offer something of value that directly addresses the common issues above. Find a way to listen and deliver something value — without being pushy or too salesy. 


Is there something brand new of value that you could offer to them? Include the value right in the subject line, and watch to see how many more opens you receive as a result. 

Start Cashing In On Your Email List

Growing your email list is vital to the success of your brand. 


It is a way to keep your brand top-of-mind for your potential customers, as well as for you to continue providing value to them throughout your relationship. 


There are many strategies you can use to grow your email list organically — and I highly recommend doing your homework and trying out the tips in this post. 


Once you have built up your email list, you’ll want to incorporate other marketing strategies in order to keep the members of your email list as active as possible — and the team at Spyr would love to help with that too!