3 Marketing Tactics You Should Be Doing in 2021

3 Marketing Tactics You Should Be Doing in 2021

As Tracey Lawrence once sang — Time marches on. 


And what that means for your marketing is simple: the marketing tactics you’ve used in the past are starting to become commonplace. 


While most of them are still effective — like ads, emails, and social media posts — it can sometimes be beneficial to stay on the leading edge. 


So today, we’ll look at 4 tactics that have come around a bit more recently and why you should be doing them. 

#1: Join Honey

Do you use Honey?


It’s a quick coupon app that lets ecommerce shoppers quickly check for discounts and other online offers. Some online sellers, like Amazon, are even actively pushing buyers to use it for the most competitive pricing. 

What does this have to do with your marketing?


Well, for one, it signals a change in customer expectations and shopping habits. Previously, customers would always have to sign up for your deals to have access — but Honey (along with some credit card services and sites like RetailMeNot) are circumventing the usual email-for-deal routine. 


So the takeaway?


If you sell anything online (and you should be), adding your business to a service like Honey can have potential upsides. 


You can learn more about Honey and how to add your online store here

#2: Tik Tok Marketing

In January of 2021, Tik Tok had a staggering 62 million downloads. Let that sink in. 


Whether you like it or not, the social media experience is switching to videos that are 60 seconds or less. While older social tactics are still valid, this presents a new challenge (and huge opportunity) to businesses that want to connect with a younger audience. 


We’ll provide more details in a future post, but for now, consider some of these tips from marketing guru Neil Patel:


  • Research your audience and hashtags extensively
  • Partner with well established content creators for a quick bump
  • Consider utilizing ads to put yourself at center stage
  • Tap into influencer marketing
  • Stay on top of trends and analytics


And try to have some fun too!

#3: Affiliate Marketing

If you’ve been keeping up, you’ve probably seen that I frequently recommend creating helpful, audience-driven content to boost traffic to your website. 


But did you know that you can make money from those blogs too?


I’m not talking about old-school banner ads either. Those have always been a bit annoying when you put them on a business’s website, and they pay fairly little to your site (and you have fairly little control over what they display on your site). 


What I’m recommending is actually a practice that’s already well in vogue — affiliate marketing. 


In short, this is the practice of making sponsored recommendations for certain products or services. If your audience clicks on your link and makes a purchase, you get a cut of that transaction. 


If you have an established audience, it’s worth considering this as a way to boost both passive revenue and your overall SEO profile. You can target new keywords, increase the relevancy of your site, and make some money to subsidize your marketing budget. 


And it’s easy with services like Amazon’s Affiliate program — plus there are plenty of other services to use as well!


These tactics are the tip of the iceberg, but you have to start somewhere when it comes to newer marketing ideas. 


If you think that any of these ideas are right for you, we encourage you to dive deeper and see how you can get started. 


And as always, you’re welcome to run your ideas past the team at Spynr — we’d love to help!