10 Social Media Ideas for Laundromats

10 Social Media Ideas for Laundromats

Every single modern business needs an online presence.


For people to find you, your business needs a pin and data on GMB and Google Maps.


For your website to be found through searches, you need SEO


And to build awareness of a business, you need to focus on the content you share via social media. 


In fact, with the recent upgrades in hyper-local marketing, even small local businesses have a great deal to gain from a growing internet presence. 


Your laundromat suddenly has a reason to be on social media – and the good news is that it’s easy (even fun) to get started. 


Social media campaigns are simple. All you need is a series of interesting pictures, gifs, and videos along with short-text captions. 


And, of course, a plan. 


Laundromats have the advantage of being relatable and down-to-earth, which means your potential campaigns will appeal to most people, even those who don’t often need your services.


Laundromat Social Media – A Potential for Smiles

Local businesses often don’t realize their advantage when it comes to social media. Everyone has to do laundry, which means that you have the ability to relate to every single member of your local population with laundry-based content. You have the opportunity to make people smile. 


Because a laundromat is not a somber business, you can be light-hearted in your social media campaigns. Aim to spark interest and inspire a laugh. This will build a positive attitude around your laundromat and can even encourage friendlier interactions around the machines on-site. 


With that in mind, let’s dive into some of our best social media ideas for laundromat campaigns.

Idea # 1: Flattering Facility Cover Photo

Start with the cover photo. 


Most social media platforms have a cover-photo that serves as your above-the-fold banner for the business profile page. Make sure this photo is beautiful. 


We advise taking a sparkling-clean picture of your laundromat with a wide-angle camera. Make visitors to your social media profile feel like they are standing in your facility admiring the sparkling chrome and enamel tableau. 

Idea # 2: Pin Your Hours and Prices

You have the ability in most platforms to pin one post so that it stays on top of all other content. Make sure this post is both friendly and useful. 


A good policy is to pin a decorative flyer or graphic displaying your Laundromat hours and basic prices. For quick-research customers looking for a close place to wash clothes, making your availability skimmable is a quick conversion tactic. Plus, it’s a handy reference for everyone who visits your social media feed.

Idea # 3: Interestingly Useful Laundry Tips Series

Most people don’t know the secrets of beating stains and preserving delicates. But they’re still darn useful, and as a laundry expert you can shed some light on the subject. 


Make a whole series of fascinating and extremely helpful laundry tips. Feature club soda and how that can quickly save expensive garments. Share the wonders of borax or recommend the best stain-stick treatments in your experience. Research ancient laundry-saving secrets that can be implemented in your facility.


Then turn each tip into a decorative graphic, infographic, or in-depth blog that draws the eye and informs the mind all at once. These make great quick-bite social media content.

Idea # 4: The Lost-and-Found Reel

Every laundromat has a lost-and-found box. Your regulars may be counted on to come back for lost coats and keys, but sometimes mysterious and seemingly important items go unclaimed. From stuff left by the machines to stuff left in the machines — to stuff found in the coin-traps when they’re cleared: your social media feed is a great place to get these items back to their rightful owners.


For non-valuable things, post a photo of the item and let your community know how long it will be kept in the box. You will likely increase your RSVPs for items very quickly. For more valuable items like lost jewelry or wallets, post a generic photo and – as usual – ask any claimants to describe their lost item before returning it. 

Idea # 5: Collect and Share Funny Laundry Stories

Everyone loves a good laundry story – especially if it comes with a funny picture or a personal flair. Share some of your favorite laundromat stories and invite your online community to share their own. People enjoy sharing their own stories and hearing the stories of others. The more mundane-yet-hilarious the story, the better. Laundry is a particularly good subject for fun community stories because we have all fought stains, suds, and shrunken garments in the past.

Idea # 6: Photograph the Bulletin Board

If your laundromat has a bulletin board – as many do – then make that a social media feature as well. Your bulletin board is a great way to connect the local physical community with the local online community. Take a large high-definition photo of the entire bulletin board, and also zoom-in on new additions like flyers for restaurant openings or lost dogs. Become a hub of community activity online, just as you are a waystation for community involvement on-site.

Idea # 7: Spinning Dryer Art

Sometimes, the best post is a simple picture, and you have a unique access to infinite abstract art – the dryers. With contributions or permission from your customers, collect short videos or simple photos of clothes tumbling in the dryer or spinning in a front-loading washer. That circular tumble of random fabric and color can be artistic in an unexpected way, and is a great way to add beautiful fodder to your social media feed.

Idea # 8: Share Tips on Scheduling Laundry Errands

Getting to the laundromat is not always easy for busy professionals. Not to mention scheduling time for the machines to run. Share tips and useful insights for your customers trying to make time for laundry during daily errands.


If your laundromat allows customers to leave and return for their laundry, share tips on ensuring security and timing their return correctly. If you need customers to wait, highlight your wifi connection, power outlets, and/or arcade games – then share tips on how to multitask while waiting for the machines.

Idea # 9: Laundromat News and Events

All businesses have a newsreel, an update of recent events, inventory, hours, an policy changes. Whether your laundromat hosts regular holiday events or you are simply sharing updated holiday hours – social media is a great place to post any recent company news. This both diversifies your feed and informs your local customers. You might be surprised how useful these announcements can be, or the interest your audience will show.

Idea # 10: Announce Charity Partnerships and Donation Boxes

Last but not least, share any charity partnerships. Most laundromats feature a donation box or two during the holidays. You might run a small-change drive or allow the local Girlscout troupe to set up a cookie-selling table. Use your social media feed to let customers know about these opportunities. Many people’s spirits are lifted by charity participation. Your laundromat will not only gain esteem for being involved, your customers will appreciate making charity an easy part of their existing errands.

Let’s Revitalize Your Social Presence

When it comes to social media, your laundromat has more appealing campaign options than you may have realized. We hope these ideas help spark your creativity and lead to some exciting action on your social media. 


And of course, you can always feel free to contact us to explore your online marketing options!